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Anam Khan Linkedin

Chief Customer Officer

Anam Khan, the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at Novatr thrives on taking that extra step towards excellence. Her multifaceted expertise empowers her to create innovative solutions, enhancing both customer engagement and overall business performance.

A graduate from SPA Delhi whose passion for shaping the careers of aspiring AEC professionals got her involved in Novatr’s mission of bridging the industry gaps. Anam started as the Course Director at Novatr. She meticulously curated engaging and informative course content, shaping the educational journey for our learners across the globe. Her dedication and expertise were also utilised in bridging Novatr's first-ever product, the BIM Professional Course for Architects to reality.

In her role as Chief Customer Officer, Khan goes beyond the ordinary. With an open mind and a commitment to continuous learning, she builds customer experiences, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction. Her experience at Scenografia Sumant as a scenographer drives her creative tingle. Her dynamic leadership, coupled with relentless excellence, continues to shape Novatr’s success story.

Apart from business, she practises the path of yoga, using this ancient discipline to promote physical and mental well-being. Her keen business sense is complemented by her unique skills as a hypnotherapist, which influences her to understand the humane side of user experience, creating a holistic approach to building customer satisfaction .

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